This multi-purpose Wine Pump is for use at any location in the winery. Mounted on a trolley, the pump is easily wheeled from location to location. But it is the pump’s unique control system that makes it the winemaker’s friend. The Wine Pump variable speed control system means that the wine is protected from being pumped unnecessarily quick. The controller reacts to the level of wine and reduces the speed of the pump as the wine
level drops. Gentle handling of wine is crucial during any transfer. The Flexopal flexible impeller pump provides maximum protection yet gives improved efficiency. Another feature of the  Wine Pump is the remote control system. This allows complete control of wine transfer even when you are standing some distance away from the pump.

The Pump was developed specifically for the wine industry. There is no other pump that has the portability or features that make this an essential piece of equipment for the winery. It’s your wine.

Technical Data

 Control System