Vodka distillate is typically distilled to an ABV above 95% or 190 proof. We recommend a rectification column with at least 20 trays. The more trays that are included in a column, the higher the ABV that can be achieved. Each rectification column will have a dephlegmator and a top hat. The dephlegmator is a shell and tube heat exchanger. Water passes through the dephlegmator at a given temperature, allowing vapours at a temperature lower than the water to pass along the vapour path. The top hat is the vapour collection point above the dephlegmator which connects to the lyne arm or vapour tube.

Vodka Column Hybrid Pot Still Sizes

Pot stills are available in a variety of sizes from 100 litres to 10,000 litres


Vodka column hybrid pot stills can be built either of copper or stainless steel. When built from stainless steel, the bottom and side shell of the pot are made of stainless, while the top of the pot is built from copper and welded together. The hybrid pot still can be built with various head designs, depending on the spirit being produced. The column can be a single large column or split into shorter sections. The column, dephlegmator and top hat can each be built from copper or stainless steel. The condenser, which cools the vapour to liquid, is of a shell and tube design and can be built from either copper or stainless steel.

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