Our Stainless Steel Floating Lid Tank can be effectively adjusted to the level of wine in the tank. The VCT enables Cap to expand without oxygen entering the tank header space. Due to the tanks perfect rounded shape, the HD top ring perfectly fits for good lid seal. The reinforced upper edge of the capacity tank (piped support) gives quality and solidness and keeps any deformations of the tank jackets. The tank skin doors allow for easy clean out. These types of tanks are multi-functional and versatile. The floating lid tank can be used for both fermentation & storage.

Technical Description

  • material 304 2B SS
  • conical bottom & outlet RJT fitting
  • floating lid complete with air tube pump and pressure gauge
  • lid lifting unit
  • cooling jacket & fittings
  • side entry manway door
  • skin clean outdoor
  • bush or button polished finish
  • SS Legs & adjustable feet
  • racking RJT fitting