The Square Tanks are used for fermentation and storage of wine and other alimentary liquids. Because of the rectangular shapes, this tank offers a maximum usage of available cellar space. The tank’s edges are rounded, without sharp angles. The Interior surface is smooth and simple to clean. The base of the tank is slanted, which permits a simple fluid release and exit of air from the tanks


Technical Description 
  • Basic equipment
  • manhole cover Æ200 mm
  • conical off-centered bottom
  • relief valve DN50
  • type plate with a note card
  • support for the ladder
  • level indicator Æ16 with scale, open model
  • thermometer analog
  • sampling valve DN15
  • manway door oval, LCL model
  • shell for thermometer sonde with PG9 fitting
  • cooling jacket – 0,5 m2/1.000 lit
  • ball valve DIN DN32 on clean drain
  • ball valve DIN DN32 on the total drain
  • material AISI304/BA (W.Nr.1.4301/IIId)
  • polished with rotated overlapping pads