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Optimise your production with cutting-edge designs of stainless tanks and advanced processing equipment. Embrace green engineering technology for efficiency, cost savings, and a competitive edge. Our 40+ years of experience at Liquid Processing Equipment Limited ensure guaranteed engineering service and support in New Zealand & Australia.

Complete Engineering Solution

We’ve successfully executed projects across North America, New Zealand, Asia, Australia, and the Pacific Islands, ranging from simple fermentation storage units to sophisticated tank farms with advanced monitoring equipment. At Liquid Processing Equipment Ltd, our commitment to excellent customer service spans from the initial call to project completion and throughout its lifespan. By choosing LPE, you gain confidence in our unwavering support for the longevity of your business. Our comprehensive system design services encompass Seismic Engineering, Structural Engineering, Automated Controlled Wine Systems, Hygiene Design, CIP Systems, Closed Cell Insulation, Polished HD Sheathing, efficient cooling/heating systems, green energy-saving solutions, and Electronic Wine Reporting technology. We proudly stand by our equipment and installations, offering a 100% guarantee. All our equipment includes a 12-month warranty against faulty parts or workmanship.

Premium fermentation stainless tanks for high quality product.

John G Dacey
Managing Director

John has worked in the Australian and New Zealand wine industry for over 40 years. Racing yachts has been his passion. He continues to follow races with his friends of winemakers and winery owners. After racing, they celebrate with a bottle of wine selected by his father. His father was a wine expert and worked in the industry for many years. John and his father worked together in opening Cook’s Wine with former NZ Prime Minister Robert Muldoon and his guests. Today, we use premium 3D Design tools for wine flow analysis & tank engineering construction with automation & control for wine management.

John Darcey LPE Managing Director Processing Equipment and Stainless tank engineer