A pot still is commonly used to produce flavoured spirits, such as single malt whisky, tequila, brandy and any other spirit where the desired proof of the distillate is between 120 and 160 (60% – 80% ABV). The typical design of a pot still includes the pot, a helmet or head, lyne arm and a condenser.

Pot Still Sizes
Pot stills are available in a variety of sizes from 100 litres to 10,000


 Pot stills can be built either of copper or stainless steel. When built from stainless steel, the bottom and side shell of the pot are made of stainless, while the top of the pot is built from copper and welded together. The pot still can be built with various head designs, depending on the spirit being produced. The slope of the lyne arm can be positive, neutral or negative, and made from either copper or stainless steel. The condenser, which cools the vapour to liquid, is of a shell and tube design and can be built from either copper or stainless steel.

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