Passivation to Protect Stainless Steel


Whether you are a Brew Master, Winemaker or Food and Beverage Manager, one thing for sure after installation of your new Brewhouse, winery, distilling or Food and Beverage SS Equipment, it is super important to carry out a full Passivation process.

This is a method of improving corrosion resistance of stainless-Steel processing equipment by removing ferrous contaminants such as free Iron.

Today at Liquid Processing Equipment we insist on our full passivation process to be carried out on all new equipment supplied to meet our corrosion resistance guarantee.


Establishes a continuous chromium oxide (Cr2O3) film over surface of SS removes tramp iron that can cause pitting and corrosion our process guarantees protection for our range of equipment to maintain high quality equipment of food and beverage systems.

Stainless Steel Grade

In our design stage we ensure the correct grade of SS has been specified for fabrication as supported by our QA & documentation system.


Our Guarantee covers both equipment and corrosion resistance subject to our full Passivation system to be carried out before production. Contact us at for more information on Passivation of Stainless Steel.