The Insulated Tank with a built-in cooling jacket is used for cold wine stabilization, fermentation, and storage of wine. The thick layer of polyurethane foam ensures a good insulation characteristic of this tank. The big sized cooling jacket ensures a fast lowering of the temperature inside the tank.

Technical Description 

  • manhole cover Æ200 mm
  • conical off-centered bottom
  • isolation – 50mm of polyurethane foam
  • relief valve DN50
  • type plate with the note card
  • support for the ladder
  • level indicator Æ16 with scale, open model
  • thermometer analog
  • sampling valve DN15
  • manway door oval, LCL model
  • shell for thermometer sonde with PG9 fitting
  • cooling jacket – 1,0 m2/1.000 lit
  • ball valve DIN DN32 on clean drain
  • ball valve DIN DN32 on the total drain
  • material AISI304/BA (W.Nr.1.4301/IIId)
  • polished with rotated overlapping pads