Engineering Design and Specifications

Key to processing honey to a high standard with the honey equipment, our engineering service covers from  drum reception to full inline automated packing line with detailed QA & Documentation

Robust Designed Honey Equipment

Stainless Steel Ribbon Blending Vessel with Remote VSD Drive Control & Nord Brand RA Geared Drive System our proven design ensures honey if folded during blending at a range of temperatures through heating/cooling dimple jackets to barrel and bottom tank dish, vessels are provided with vacuum & pressure relief valves, CIP cleaning head and dropper with valves and RJT fittings, large removable outlet allows access to bottom steady bearing the closed system ensure honey aroma is maintained during blending & or creaming of your valuable product, all our vessels are to NZFSA standard

Blending Design

Stainless Steel shaft is fitted with inner & outer spiral LH & RH pitched blades which lifts honey at a controlled rotation and pushes down at the same time to allow for gentle mix over a given time frame, the solid machined shaft if supported by a removable steady bearing, the ribbon blender can be reversed & increased in RMP during short cleaning cycle using our auto rotating twin CIP system

Honey Crystal Cruncher Pump

A range of pumps available with VSD control to suit flow rate complete with RJT fittings available on mobile skid.

Autmated honey equipment & Control:

LPE provide advanced automation & control systems programming to suit your requirements, using touch screen control the operator has the ability to control the following.
A. Mixing speed and blender rotation

B. Mix time control

C. Automated Valve open shut control.

D. Temperature control & readout

E. Load cell weight readout & volume control

F. Interface with filler & or incoming honey supply systems

G. CIP time over pressure

H. Nord supply geared motor parts and local service

honey equipment tank
honey equipment ribbon blending

Honey Filling Line

Scraped Heat Exchanger for honey processing

We have the following honey equipment available

Honey Receiving Hoppers with wedge wire filtration

Honey drum drainage systems

Hot water boilers

Pumps and filters

Scraped heat exchangers

Self-cleaning filters

CIP systems

Bulk blending vessels & creaming vessels

Engineering 3D design & site service