Many distilleries will utilise the dual pot still to produce distillate. A Wash Still is commonly used to perform a “stripping run” where the ethanol present in the mash or wash after fermentation is distilled to collect “low wines”. The low wines can then be transferred into the spirit still for a “spirit run” or second distillation. It is very common for the spirit still to be sized at 1/3 the volume of the wash still. For distillers who like to blend feints with low wines for spirit runs, the size of the spirit still may be larger.

Dual Pot Still Sizes

Pot stills are available in a variety of sizes from 500 litres to 10,000 litres


Dual pot stills offer versatility with options for copper or stainless steel construction. The wash still typically features a simple, tapered head, while the spirit still is tailored to the desired spirits. Customize your configuration with choices like a gin basket, thumper/retort, or a dedicated column for whiskey. The condenser, crucial for vapor to liquid conversion, can be crafted from copper or stainless steel.

This is how dual pot still works.

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