For the secure production of premium spirits and liquor, it is essential to have well-crafted distilling equipment. Liquid Processing Equipment offers an extensive selection of distillation equipment for distilleries and spirit producers in New Zealand. As a leading supplier of commercial distilling equipment, our objective is to furnish a diverse range of equipment tailored to meet your requirements and enhance the alcohol distillation process. Our commitment is to collaborate passionately with any commercial distillery, contributing to the creation of New Zealand’s finest quality spirits. Whether you operate a micro-distillery or a large-scale facility, our distillation equipment is adaptable to any size of alcohol production. Connect with us today to discuss your needs, and let us be a valuable part of your distillation project.

Below is our range of our general distilling equipment. Click the image to go the the page with the details.

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Safe Distilling Equipment

Manufacturing safety is important because it keeps people alive and unharmed. To prevent industrial accidents, injuries, illnesses, and deaths, every manufacturer needs to create a safe workplace for employees. We contribute to your safe working environment by providing the equipment with the following features.

-Gas detection systems registered with NZ fire engineer-

-IECEx rated extraction fans, drive motors and pumps-

-IECEx rated heating elementsSafety over pressure relief valves-

-SGS certified boiler installations-

We can support you by customising the design to your requirements.
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LPE is a member of Distilled Spirits Aotearoa (NZ) Inc