Plan Layout in 3D design

Liquid Processing Equipment Limited has an experience in the food and beverage industry for over forty years. Our engineers specialize in the designing and manufacturing of production system that gives an efficient return to the client. Our designs are carried out in-house so we can control all aspects details including quality and cost.

Complete solutions for design and build of winery and brewery


We have completed successful projects in New Zealand, North America,  Asia, Australia and the Pacific islands ranging from simple fermentation storage units through to sophisticated tank farms with sophisticated monitoring equipment to ensure world-class products. LPE offer professional services from our experienced team from the start of the project to the completed end project. 

In depth 3DDesign for build

Our Design Includes

  • Structural Engineering
  • Seismic engineering design
  • Automated Controlled wine systems
  • hygiene design and CIP System
  • Closed cell insulation and polished HD Sheathing
  • Effective Cooling/Heating System
  • Green engineering saving solution
  • Electronic wine reporting technology 

Process and Mechanical Design Engineering Service

 Advanced 3D Engineering Design for visualization and animation, which is key for efficient processing of food and beverage products.

Rendered 3D image


LPE ensure the design process and layout of food & beverage production is carried out by our experienced engineering team with the use of the latest 3D  design tools. Tank farm design and production layouts are analyzed in 3 dimensions along with flow technology. We analyze back pressure flow and pump performance throughout the production along with heat and cooling transfer data. We provide in-tank data for the client to monitor the production and in fermentation, to control valued liquid processing. Green Engineering Technology plays a big part in today’s environmental requirements.

Specific Three Dimension Engineering Services 

    • Energy and Mass Balances
    • Hydraulic and Thermodynamics
    • Process & Instrument design ( P+ID)
    • Equipment Design and Specification
    • Automation and Control
    • Plant Safety
    • HAZNO Certification
    • HZOP and Plant Safety
    • QA and Documentation 


Gravity Flow Process Engineering

The advantages of a gravity flow design in food and beverage industry are using gravity through descending levels with gravity doing the work of electric pumps. Gravity flow designs use gravity for the free flow of grapes or wine and substantially reduces the cost of processing, eliminating the use processing equipment such as pumps. Our unique SS Gravity flow fruit sorting process allows for inspection, grading and sorting of grapes and other fruits using gravity to reduce damage to fruit and reduce energy. The system can be sized to suit your requirements and combined with other green engineering technology we offer automation and PLC control to enable monitoring of energy and process for consistent performance.
Gravity flow engineering for winery

Some of the advantages of a gravity flow are

  • Lowers non-soluble solids
  • Cost savings through using less energy
  • Eliminating processing equipment such as pumps
  • More compact layout for the winery
  • Environmental Sustainability reduces mechanical pumping and lower