Unlock the full potential of winemaking with our cutting-edge concrete egg tanks. Meticulously designed to harness the unique benefits of the concrete egg tank, our tanks optimise the fermentation process. The distinctive shape promotes seamless flow, while the slightly porous surface facilitates the entry of just the right amount of oxygen, enhancing the fermentation without the typical oak aroma found in wooden barrels. One of our key advantages lies in the extended product life of our vessels. Experience a smoother, well-rounded flavour profile as the fermentation process unfolds in our high-quality concrete egg tanks. Manufactured from top-tier raw materials, our tanks eliminate the need for internal coatings, providing an ideal environment for crafting top-notch wines. Elevate your winemaking journey with the unmatched quality of our concrete egg tanks.

Concrete egg tank

Concrete beats the stainless steel with its porous, albeit on a microscopic scale. The inside of the stainless steel is too perfect to be ideal for fermentation. With a gradual introduction of micro-oxygenation the wine breathes, grows and evolves.

Wine fermented in concrete not only develop the round mouthfeel like fermenting in oak, but it has much greater purity of fruit flavour, even a greater intensity of fruit colour.  For fermentation, storage or aging, concrete is simply phenomenal.

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The concrete square vessels are designed to fit the modern cellars better. The square shape utilise the cellar floor space by allowing them to stand side by side with no dead spaces.

Concrete square tank

Concrete allows for the inclusion of any valve, gauge, hatch or cover. Our unique capabilities can also offer any colour scheme you like or the benefit of having your logo displayed proudly on the tank itself. Also unique is our hidden temperature control system that makes no contact with the wine.

Refer the table below for the available sizes.