The closed storey tank with two or more chambers is used for fermentation and storage of wine and other alimentary liquids. The closed story tank ensures optimal usage of the cellar space. The high-quality materials with big thickness ensure the stability during a long professional usage of the tank. All valves on the tank are attached with fittings and gaskets which simplifies the removal during the cleaning. We

Technical Description:

  • manhole cover Æ200 mm
  • conical off-centered bottom
  • bottom in the middle
  • open legs
  • relief valve DN50
  • type plate with note card
  • support for ladder
  • level indicator Æ16 with scale, open model
  • thermometer analog
  • sampling valve DN15
  • manway door oval, LCL model
  • shell for thermometer sonde with PG9 fitting
  • cooling jacket – 0,5 m2/1.000 lit
  • ball valve DIN DN32 on clean drain
  • ball valve DIN DN32 on the total drain
  • material AISI304/BA (W.Nr.1.4301/IIId)
  • polished with rotated overlapping pads