For crafting superior lagers and ales, the key is investing in well-designed brewing equipment. Liquid Processing Equipment stands as a premier supplier of commercial brewing equipment in New Zealand. Our commitment is to offer a diverse range of equipment and services catering to your specific needs, addressing production, fermentation, filtration, and packaging requirements. Partnering with both micro craft breweries and large commercial establishments, we contribute to the creation of New Zealand’s finest quality beer. Connect with us today to discuss your needs and let us be a valuable part of your beer crafting journey. Elevate your brewing experience with our top-notch commercial brewing equipment.

Our range of commercial brewing systems are custom built to your specifications. The set up can be a 2 to 4 vessel brew house, 1HL to 80HL with electric-heating, gas-heating or steam-heating. The control system can be manual, semi-auto or fully automated.
In addition we offer :
Fermentation Vessels
Bright Beer Tanks
Hop Gun
Portable CIP System
Stainless Kegs
Transfer Pumps

Automation for the commercial brewery is our favourite subject. We can supply fully automated commercial brew house. Please let us know if you are interested in the automated brew house.

Hop gun for commercial brewing.

Using a hop gun is a great way to get more character from your hops into your beer, in less time, while adding fewer hops. Read more about the hop gun if you are thinking about adding a hop gun for your commercial brewery.

Centrifuge for commercial brewing.

A Centrifuge clarifies the beer and improves the yield by 15-20% compared to other filtering methods in the commercial brewery. This machine can transfer the beer fast while separating the hops and yeast from the clear beer. Some commercial brewery uses centrifuge for transferring the wort from kettle to the tank, which removes all solid matter out of the wort. Applying on both the hot side and cold side handling, the centrifuge maximises the yield of your production.
See our catalogue for more information.

Brewery Can Filling Machine

6 Head Can Filler

Can Filling Machine

Centrifugal pump for commercial brewing.

In the commercial brewery, centrifugal pumps are used commonly for transferring beer and CIP solutions in high flow rate, low pressure installations, which makes them ideal for applications that require the pump to deal with large volumes. We offer different types of centrifugal pump and also other pumps. Open the catalogue for more information.

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