We have a range of brewing equipment. It will be custom built to your request. The set up can be 2 to 4 vessels brew house, 1HL to 80HL with electric-heating, gas-heating or steam-heating. The control system can be manual, semi-auto or fully automated.
In addition we offer :
Fermentation Vessels
Bright Beer Tanks
Hop Gun
Portable CIP System
Stainless Kegs
Transfer Pump

Centrifuge clarify the beer and improve the yield by 15-20% comparing to the other filtering method. The machine can transfer the beer fast while separating the hops and yeast from the clear beer. The machine also can be used for transferring the wort from the kettle to fermentation tanks. Applying on both hot side and cold side handling centrifuge maximizes the yield of your production.
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Centrifugal pumps are used commonly for transferring beer and CIP solutions in high flow rate, low pressure installations, which makes them ideal for applications that require the pump to deal with large volumes. We offer different types of centrifugal pump and also other pumps. Open the catalogue for more information.

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