The Automated Paddle Fermenter is a horizontal tank for maceration of red and fermentation of white grapes. The speed control, mixing time interval, time-out, discharge and other functions are electronically controlled. The specially constructed mixing system ensures a slight but efficient mixing and an automatic discharge of the tank. The geared motor ensures a slight mixing with an adjustable speed of 0 to 10 turns per minute in both directions.

Technical Description

  • manhole cover Æ400 mm, 2 pcs
  • relief valve DN50, 2 pcs
  • closed legs
  • adjustable legs
  • electronic control for cooling, heating, and mixing
  • electric heater with bath on bottom
  • pump for heating
  • type plate with a note card
  • thermometer analog
  • sampling valve DN15
  • manway door oval, square model
  • manway door oval, revision
  • shell for thermometer sonde with PG9 fitting
  • cooling jacket – 1,0 m2/1000 lit
  • ball valve DIN DN32 on clean drain
  • ball valve DIN DN65 on the total drain
  • material AISI304/BA (W.Nr.1.4301/IIId)
  • polished with rotated overlapping pads