LPE has the experience in the food and beverage industry for over forty years. Our engineers specialize in the designing and manufacturing of production system that gives an efficient return to the client. Our designs are carried out in-house so we can control all aspects details including quality and cost.

LPE ensure the design process and layout of food & beverage production is carried out by our experienced engineering team with the use of the latest 3D design tools. Tank farm design and production layouts are analyzed in 3 dimensions along with flow technology. We analyze back pressure flow and pump performance throughout the production along with heat and cooling transfer data. We provide in-tank data for the client to monitor the production and in fermentation, to control valued liquid processing. Green Engineering Technology plays a big part in today’s environmental requirements. For further information please contact us.

Specific Three Dimension Engineering Services

Energy and Mass Balances

Hydraulic and Thermodynamics

Process & Instrument design ( P+ID)

Equipment Design and Specification

Automation and Control

Plant Safety

HAZNO Certification

HZOP and Plant Safety

QA and Documentation