LPE has over over forty years experience in the food and beverage industry. Our engineers specialise in the 3D design and manufacture of production systems that give an efficient return to the client.
Our 3D modelling are carried out in-house and we maintain high levels of quality and cost control.

Professional 3D Design Services | Architectural Visualization, Product Prototyping, and Stainless Tank Rendering.

At LPE, our commitment to excellence in food and beverage production is exemplified through the meticulous design process led by our experienced engineering team. Armed with the latest 3D design tools, we delve into the intricate details of tank farm design and production layouts, employing a three-dimensional analysis approach that extends to flow technology.

Our engineering experts conduct thorough evaluations, considering back pressure flow, pump performance, and heat and cooling transfer data. This holistic analysis ensures not just efficient production but optimised processes throughout. We believe in empowering our clients, and to achieve this, we provide real-time, in-tank data. This data allows clients to not only monitor production and fermentation but also exercise precise control over liquid processing, leading to enhanced quality and efficiency.

In our pursuit of excellence, we embrace Green Engineering Technology, recognising the pivotal role it plays in meeting today’s environmental requirements. Sustainability is not just a concept for us; it’s an integral part of our ethos. By aligning our practices with environmental standards, we contribute to a greener and more responsible future for the food and beverage industry.

Should you seek further information on how our advanced 3D design and engineering solutions can transform and optimise your production processes, we invite you to connect with us. Our team is dedicated to providing bespoke solutions that elevate your operational efficiency, productivity, and sustainability benchmarks. Contact us today and let’s explore the possibilities together.

Specific Three Dimension Engineering Services

Energy and Mass Balances

Hydraulic and Thermodynamics

Process & Instrument design ( P+ID)

Equipment Design and Specification

Automation and Control

Plant Safety

HAZNO Certification

HZOP and Plant Safety

QA and Documentation

D Design Team | Collaborative Approach for Architectural, Product, and Stainless tank Solutions