Award-Winning Fermentation Tanks & Storage Tank Experts – Advanced Engineering Designs of Processing Equipment & Green Engineering Technology to Streamline your Production Process and keep your business at the leading edge for competitive advantage – saving on energy  chemicals and manpower using Industrial 4 automation & control system.

With over 40 years experience Liquid Processing Equipment Limited based in New Zealand &  Australia provide Guaranteed Engineering service and support .

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Your Fermentation tanks & Storage tanks Experts

We will take care of any of your needs for Fermentation tanks & Storage tanks . Check out of a selection of high-quality tanks, Wine Fermenters, Paddles, Vessels and Barrels. For all types of automated equipment to any types of liquids that need processing that can be controlled from your smartphone. 
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Automated Paddle Fermenter

Pressure Vessels

Rotary Fermenters

Tapered Fermenter

Tapered Fermenter

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Stainless Steel Floating Lid Tank

Our Stainless Steel Floating Lid Tank can be effectively adjusted to the level of wine in the tank. The VCT enables Cap to expand without oxygen entering the tank header space. Code# FPZPK

Transportable Tanks

Stainless Steel Transportable Tanks ensure an easy movement of a tank by using a forklift. In the standard version, this tank is equipped with an air cap and it can be used for the fermentation and the storage of wine and other alimentary liquids. Code# GPV

Closed Tanks

The closed tanks is used for fermentation and storage of wine and other alimentary liquids. High-quality materials with big thickness ensure stability during a long professional usage of the tank. Code # HZ

Square Tanks

The Square Tanks are used for fermentation and storage of wine and other alimentary liquids. Because of the rectangular shapes, this tank offers a maximum usage of the cellar space. Code # IKR

SS Wine Barrel

Our stainless steel wine barrels are intended for winemaking in different phases of wine development which incorporates fermentation, maturation & storage. Code # JWB

Closed Combination Tanks

The closed combination tanks bottom+top are used for fermentation and storage of wine and other alimentary liquids. This type of tanks ensures optimal usage of the cellar space. Code #KZG+ZD

Insulated Tank

The Insulated Tank with a built-in cooling jacket is used for cold wine stabilization, fermentation, and storage of wine. The thick layer of polyurethane foam ensures a good insulation characteristic of this tank. Code # LIZO


The wineficator is used for winefication of red and white grape and for the fermentation and the storage of wine. The built-in griddle on the coat separates the solid substance from the liquid. Code # MVIK

Closed Storey Tank

The closed storey tank with two or more chambers is used for fermentation and storage of wine and other alimentary liquids.The closed story tank ensures optimal usage of the cellar space. Code # NZK

Multi-Purpose Mixer

The multi-purpose mixer is meant for usage in wine production. The removable door enables an easy charge and the geared motor enables a slight mixing. Code #OM
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Vinificator Romat

The Vinificator Romat with a pneumatic cylinder with a suppressor is used for the vinification of red and white wine grapes. It can also be used for the fermentation and the storage of wine. Code # PVIP
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Tank Farm

Engineering 3DDesign & construction Tank Farm for bulk wine processing – storage -Fermentation vessels, Custom design, seismic engineering, process engineering, wine flow analysis, thermal engineering, pulse engineering, Catwalk systems installation, PLC touch screen management, and process piping automation & control. Code # QTF

Wine Pump

This multi-purpose Wine Pump is for use at any location in the winery. Mounted on a trolley, the pump is easily wheeled from location to location. But it is the pump’s unique control system that makes it the winemaker’s friend. Code #RWP

Plate Filter

Pulse Air 1.9

Pulse Air

A proven method of managing the cap during fermentation. Pulsair's Pneumatage process and equipment are being used throughout the world to replace pump over, punch down, irrigation, and other conventional methods of cap management. Code # TP


Bright Beer Tank

Closed tank for beer maturation and storage is equipped with manway door, a thermometer, a pressure regulator, safety valve, vacuum valve, spray ball, cooling jacket, insulation, drain and racking valves. Code #AZBB
Brewery Fermentor

Beer Fermentor

Combined fermentation and maturation stainless steel tank is closed tank for fermenting the wort and it can be used for beer maturation and storage. Code # BZB
Brewery kegs beer kegs

Beer Kegs

LPE Beer Kegs, Capacity: 30L & 50L, Material thickness: 1.5/1.8mm (30L) & 1.5/2.0mm (50L), Height: 400 mm (30L) & 600 mm (50L). Code #CBK
Brewery Systems

Brewery Systems

The brewery system includes a set of vessels on skids, connected with the piping system and pumps for liquid and pomace transfer. It is equipped with an intuitive control panel with automatic temperature control and pump and mixer speed control. Pipeline with CIP spray balls for complete washing of the brewhouse. Code #DB


UEXX UV Sterilizer - Fermentation tanks & Storage tanks

UV Sterilizer

For the efficient treatment of large flow rates at municipal waterworks with a fewer number of UV lamps Code: #LPEUVS
UV Filtration System

UV Filtration System

The LPE UV filtration system is a High Flow Whole House UV Water Treatment System. Code: #LPEUVHC
Multi-Purpose Bottle Washer

Multi-Purpose Bottle Washer

A leader in the field of Commercial Bottle Washers/Sterilizer. Built to last for many years, Low water consumption. Code # AMFW

Fermentation tanks & Storage tanks Experts

Wine Brewery Equipment

Liquid Processing Equipment Limited – Fermentation tanks & Storage tanks Experts have experience in the food and beverage industry for over forty years. Our engineers specialize in the designing and manufacturing of production system that gives an efficient return to the client. Our design carried out in the house so we can control all aspects design including quality and cost.

Companies MUST embrace new age green engineering technology by introducing new developments, Our engineering design process involves a number of innovations that combined increase profit margins, improve hygiene standards  & reduce environmental impact on our planet.

Simulating and analyzing production process allows us as engineers to design innovative systems and introduce new technology which can


Key points for our Green Engineering Technology.

No water and no chemical  sanitization
No Pollution
Most effective
No wastage
Time and Motion Technology

UV Sanitation, Closed cell Insulation, No water, No chemical, Process automation, Proven anchor system protects tanks from overturning in the event of an earthquakes.

Clean-in-place (CIP) is a method of cleaning the interior surfaces of pipes, vessels, process equipment, filters and associated fittings, without disassembly.

  Increase productivity on conversion costs, Drive revenue growth through enhanced equipment and new data applications, Increase employment through stimulated growth.

Check out our near new or used equipment that is ready to be put at good use once again.