LPE is a leading Food & Beverage Manufacturing Equipment supplier. We supply stainless steel storage tanks, stainless steel brewing equipment, stainless steel wine making equipment, copper distilling equipment, UV sterilization system, honey mixing tank, liquid sugar SS tank and many other. We provide advanced engineering design, quality with these affordable and high quality SS equipment along with energy recovery and reduced water & chemical usage for the food and beverage industry for over 40 years.


Our passionate and trusted team is ready to craft your future. We will work closely with you to prepare a customized quote in a timely manner and offer assistance with configuration and layout.


Our high quality stainless steel tanks, stainless steel brewing equipment, stainless steel wine making equipment the copper distilling equipment meet New Zealand and Australia certification requirements.


Our engineering team will provide you with customized stainless tank, stainless equipment's drawings to assist with site development and subcontractor support.


Before fabrication on your ordered stainless tanks and stainless equipment begins, we will provide you with proposed fabrication drawings for the equipment. The equipment will be engineered with consideration to LPE’s high quality standards and for guaranteed operational efficiencies and performance targets.


Timing matters – We’re prepared to provide an estimated shipment date when you place your order.


We will review the level of automation required for your stainless steel equipment and make recommendations based on the unique demands of your business plan.

Why LPE? We supply wide range of high quality and affordable products for food and beverage manufacturing. We cover stainless steel storage tanks, stainless steel brewing equipment, stainless wine making equipment, copper distilling equipment, UV sterilization system and honey ribbon mixing tank. In each category we have further more items. For your craft beer brewing, we have stainless steel brewhouse, SS fermentation vessel, SS bright beer tank, SS kegs, stainless steel hop gun, portable CIP equipment, beer pump, stainless beer filtration equipment. For wine making we have, stainless steel grape press, SS storage tanks, juice handling machine, concrete egg fermentation tank. For distilling spirits, we have pot still, reflux or combination with the options such as swan neck, onion head and gin basket. For UV sterilization system you have choice of Chiyoda Kohan and Blue Morph UV products. For honey mixing tank, our proven design for blending & mixing honey and other viscus products are equipped with remote variable speed control system allows the operator to blend at a selected RPM. JUST NAME IT AND WE WILL MAKE IT HEPPEN. WE HAVE A SCOPE OF WORKING WITH YOUR NEED EVEN OUTSIDE OF WHAT WE NORMALLY SUPPLY.


We have provided our services to many businesses. Here are some of the customers we have services in the past.
Mudbrick Winery

Mudbrick Winery

Waiheke Island, NZ
Mercury Bay Estate

Mercury Bay Estate

Cooks Beach, Whitianga, NZ
Independent Liquor

Independent Liquor

Papakura, Auckland, NZ
Hardys Wines

Hardys Wines

McLaren Vale, South Australia
Manuka Health

Manuka Health

Te Awamutu, NZ


Te Puke, Tauranga, NZ
See other businesses we have serviced

See other businesses we have serviced

Product and service information

You can find details on some of our product and service here

Plate filter

Plate filter for filtering the wine. Made with or without an integrated pump.Stainless steel wedge wire in-line filtration allows for backwashing and removal of filling.  

Wine Pump

This multi-purpose Wine Pump is for use at any location in the winery. Mounted on a trolley, the pump is easily wheeled from location to location. But it is the pump’s unique control system that makes it the winemaker’s friend. The Read more…

Tank Farm

LPE provide engineering 3DDesign & construction Tank Farm for bulk wine processing – storage -Fermentation vessels, Custom design, seismic engineering, process engineering, wine flow analysis, thermal engineering, pulse engineering, Catwalk systems installation, PLC touch screen management, and process Read more…

Vinificator Romat

The VinificatorRomat with a pneumatic cylinder with a suppressor is used for the vinification of red and white wine grapes. It can also be used for the fermentation and the storage of wine. An individual programming is possible for Read more…

Multi-Purpose Mixer

The multi-purpose mixer is meant for the usage in wine production. The removable door enables an easy charge and the geared motor enables a slight mixing. For a better mixing efficiency, this tank has a built-in flow Read more…